Fuel & Internal Combustion Engine

The pressure to innovate is increasing. Vehicle manufacturers have to squeeze every bit of potential from modern engines to optimize them in terms of emissions, fuel consumption, and performance, while also making them more compact. At the same time, engines have to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, aggressive media, and other types of stress. Our superior components and solutions made of high-performance plastics easily meet the most stringent requirements, ensuring greater efficiency and environmental compatibility.

  • For the media separation of fuel and engine oil in high-pressure gasoline and diesel injection pumps: spring-energized PTFE grooved rings in double- or single-spring gasket design
  • For high-pressure gasoline injection valves: Polytetraflon® PTFE and Moldflon PTFE seals made of materials that are particularly stable under pressure
  • In fuel pumps and camshafts/crankshafts: as as rotary shaft sealing rings or sealing lips in the form of housing inserts made of thermoplastic materials
  • For lambda sensors in catalytic converters: multifunctional PTFE blow-molded tubes and cable routing
  • Throttles as multicomponent parts made of Moldflon PPS and Polytetraflon PTFE sealing lip


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